Energy generation and distribution sites have to deal with:

  • Potentially remote operation and surveillance (for isolated / unoccupied sites) with alarms and video feeds sent to a remote surveillance system
  • The need to implement digital hosting infrastructure on the basis of a virtual solution (VMware) with total redundancy for zero downtime
  • Work in sometimes extreme climate conditions or in restrictive environments (explosive environment, electromagnetic disturbance, etc.)
  • The need to ensure compliance of their security installation with standards such as gas standards (ATEX) and the Plan Vigipirate anti-terrorism mechanism, etc.

View an example of how SECURE has supported a hydrocarbon generation site:


Hydrocarbon Sonatrach – Algeria

  • Implementation of an integrated security system for the site: access control, intrusion, video surveillance, visitor management
  • Design and construction of guard posts, and development of access roads to sites
  • Perimeter protection by instrumented fence
  • Seafront security in an oil port by radar and long range camera
  • Work in extreme weather conditions (Sahara Desert) and in explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
Remote sites
Kms instrumented fence

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