Strategic command sites and military bases have specific security needs, such as:

  • Implementation of enhanced access control functionalities: biometrics using a centralised database, response to access attempts under physical constraints, counting individuals in a zone, etc.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity and data encryption capabilities: protection of information system, servers, workstations, cameras, network, certificate management, etc.
  • A highly sensitive environment with, in particular, strong confidentiality constraints for teams involved in projects.

View an example of how SECURE has supported a military site:


Military Applications Directorate

  • Access control and visitor management implementation in a highly sensitive environment
  • Implementation of advanced features for access control:
    • Biometric on centralized database
    • Access attempts under physical constraints
    • Anti-passback and counting presence in area
    • Limited access rights projects
    • Black list management
  • Workflow entry / validation of appointments, interface with the customer’s information system
Operating positions
Local processing units
Controlled access
Secure cards

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