• 55 employees
  • 75% cutting-edge engineers and technicians
  • Average age of 40 years, including older and experienced staff, and lots of high-potential younger employees – the perfect recipe for constructive teamwork and skills development for all via tutoring and reverse mentoring
  • Shared values: excellence, ambition, exemplarity, solidarity
  • Working together to provide premium service quality for our clients!


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Secure Systems - Philosophie de management



At SECURE, every employee plays a concrete role in building the business.

Executive and middle managers coordinate the various departments on the basis of three major principles: trust and by extension employee autonomy, high collective standards to go further together, and participatory management, whereby every team member is encouraged to propose ideas, which will be implemented if they make sense within corporate strategy.

Every year, a project group meets to work on SECURE Shared Strategic Plan. This roadmap is an institution in all VINCI Energies companies, and the cornerstone of company’s management. It is jointly produced by the team, summarised by the Business Unit Manager and then shared and rolled out across all departments.

Life @ Secure


SECURE is opening its doors to students!


Since late 2017, SECURE has been an official partner of Ecole Centrale de Marseille school of engineering. The company regularly receives its students for internships and work placements, from for first-year placements lasting a few weeks up to 6-month placements at the end of final year, as well as for apprenticeships. SECURE also invests in events organised by Centrale Marseille, including professional workshops at Partners Days, discovery lectures and the FOCEEN Forum organised every year by the school.

In addition to this partnership, SECURE opens wide its doors to students from other engineering schools studying IT and microtechnics in order to show them the company’s professions.

SECURE also receives middle-school and high-school students for work placements to help inform their future career decisions.

As a complement, SECURE team has a significant number of Elles bougent sponsors, which is an association that aims to promote women working in engineering. SECURE is then also invested in improving gender equality via teaching projects for young women in order to open them up to opportunities as potential future engineers.

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