For over 30 years now, SECURE has been innovating in the field of electronic security, which is a demanding field in terms of reliability, efficiency and durability, etc.

Thanks to its technological breakthroughs, Full Web 2.0 for Evolynx, anticipation of client needs, uDemand for flow management and a forward-looking vision of electronic security, DEEP TECH, control room systems and face recognition-based access control, SECURE has been innovating with a view to providing sustainable, upgradable and high-performance solutions that meet the highest requirements of our clients.

It is indeed part of SECURE’s DNA to keep its clients ahead of the game by making innovative solutions available to them.



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Face recognition

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On a security market where technology is constantly changing, we can clearly see a rise in the use of face recognition technologies in addition to conventional access control devices.

SECURE’s teams are analysing these solutions and are actively monitoring technological advances in this area, as well as developing technological partnerships and tangible projects.

Proof Of Concept (POC) processes have been conducted with certain clients, in particular with our Partner Anyvision. These POCs were designed to experiment with a first level of integration of face recognition technologies through our Evolynx solution. Tests have been conducted in the field of access control and intrusion detection.

At the end of September 2019, SECURE was awarded along with id3 Technologies the JOP 2024 label within the framework of the Call for Expressions of Interest (CEoI) designed to identify innovative security solutions with a view to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. SECURE and id3 Technologies have submitted tenders in the field of access control of persons and vehicles. What are the foundations of the proposed solution? Face recognition technologies linked to “mobile” access control devices, all of which is integrated into the Evolynx system. An innovative solution for managing high-level security requirements while preserving the spirit of the Olympic Games, which must continue to be an open event that brings people together.

Paperless access control

It is essential for SECURE to work together with innovative partners so that, together, we can contribute to changing uses and to the digital transition.

This is why SECURE has integrated into its Evolynx system a Smartphone-based virtual badge technology developed by STid

The result is an access control system that enhances the involvement of users and therefore the efficiency of the security system.

Watch our video again of SECURE’s solution!