Secure Support Center offers through-life support and through-life security contracts.

The aim is to provide corrective but also upgrade and preventive maintenance.


Corrective software maintenance
If you encounter an anomaly within your security system, Secure Support Center qualifies the type and seriousness of the anomaly with your installation manager. It then proposes a corrective solution to ensure service continuity. 

Software upgrade maintenance
The purpose is to provide revisions and patches for your security system software as soon as they are available, so that you can receive bug corrections, new functionalities, and to ensure system longevity.

Preventive software maintenance
The purpose is to carry out work on site to prevent any problems arising from the software and IT environment of your security system. The service is planned in conjunction with the customer representative specified in the service contract. Normal periodicity is once a year. 


In addition to through-life support, an increasing number of clients now rely on Secure Support Center to provide security intelligence services and apply measures to ensure through-life security of the overall security installation.

Our Maintenance Business Managers are available to advise clients on through-life support and security offers.