Industrial sites are characterised by:

  • Multiple sites and large volumes (of staff, visitors, access points, intrusion points, cameras, etc.)
    • Requiring a centralised security system
  • The need to ensure production continuity, and therefore:
    • Minimise building unavailability during deployment
    • Ensure high availability
    • Provide corrective, preventive and update maintenance services
  • The need for interfaces between the security system and industrial processes, HR database, etc.
    • On the basis of an open and interoperable system
  • Very strict regulatory requirements, as imposed by the SEVESO classification
  • Restrictive environments: dust, temperature, etc.
  • Complex architectural configurations

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Access Control Federation

  • Deploying a single card and a comprehensive solution for access control and visitor management at all Airbus sites in Europe
  • Very high volumes: 4000 card readers, UTL 900, 300,000 active cards, 2 million visits / year, 40 servers
  • Development of interfaces / multiple interactions with the industrial process, human resources (SAP) and synchronization with the database for each country
  • Customer support over the long term: operational support, maintenance and development, development of specific capabilities… since 2002!
Card technology
Access control system
Sites in Europe
(M) People in memory

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