Secure infrastructureconception


Based on the client’s needs for secure IT infrastructure to support security solutions, Secure provides assistance with:

  • The design and deployment of virtualized IT hosting infrastructure (VMWare)
  • Providing high availability through redundancy mechanisms, degraded modes, back-up systems, etc.
  • The development of Business Continuity Plans/Business Recovery Plans.
Schéma infrastructure réseau sécurisée

Secure takes charge of the network infrastructure required for the security solutions: defining needs, design, technical roll-out of systems, corresponding documentation. Secure is active in the following areas

  • By securing:
    • Identification
    • Authentication
    • Access rights
    • Accounts and administrative information systems
    • Remote access
  • By providing:
    • Encryption
    • Partitioning
    • Filtering
    • Intrusion detection.