Assistance with ANSSIcertification


In addition to the protection of Information Systems, Secure provides ISS consultancy services, including assisting with securing certification for your IS. Secure is active in the following phases:

Règles cyber
  • Governance:
    • Implementation of the risk analysis of the Information System in place
    • Production of the through-life security reports
    • Drafting of 3 documents that are essential for certification: Specific Security Assurance Plan, specific certification file, generic certification strategy
  • Information System management:
    • Documentation relating to the Information System in place: security certification, mapping
    • Through-life security: monitoring security vulnerabilities and corrective measures, non-regression tests on a representative platform
  • Incident management: Service performed by a PASSI (auditor of information system security) and a PDIS (security incident detection service provider)
    • Logging
    • Log correlation and analysis
    • Detection
    • Processing security incidents
    • Processing alerts
    • Emergency response management