uDemand is a Secure security soft for sites that have a significant or complex flow issue to manage. uDemand provides 3 key benefits to creators and approvers of visit, rights and badge requests: Simplicity, traceability and flexibility!

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uDemand caters for the needs of the requesters and approvers

Nowadays, visit, rights and badge requests are usually synonymous with paper forms and a large number of email exchanges between the different protagonists. This is extremely time-consuming for requesters and approvers, generates a volume of paper records that is not compatible with environmental commitments and, obviously, leads to a lack of traceability and a less than optimal quality service.

“Simplicity” and “traceability” benefits

uDemand provides simplicity and traceability through its electronic forms, email alerts, dashboards and the resulting possibility for all those involved to trace approvals/exchanges.

“Flexibility” benefit

uDemand is an open application and the fields are fully customisable.

Approval of requests can be configured in cascade and/or in parallel via a high-performance approval rules manager. uDemand can therefore be tailored to the requirements of each client, including the system for organising approvals. uDemand is also a standalone application insofar as it functions on the office communications system where it can interface with any visitor management and/or access control software.


– is based on an HTML5 web interface

– is accessible from the company’s office communications system

– uses authentication via LDAP

– is an independent database, compatible with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.