The design ofEvolynxNGby the Evolynx Product Manager


 “The 2 key points on which the development of EvolynxNG is based are flexibility and the desire to optimise user experience through a user-friendly interface.

EvolynxNG offers an effective solution based on a next generation technological platform that exceeds market standards. EvolynxNG comprises components that meet ANSSI specifications. But we also go further by anticipating future needs: EvolynxNG thus, for example, can be used to check the integrity of the information contained in a badge whenever it logs into our system.

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With EvolynxNG, we have developed a really user-friendly interface. It can “simplify the data” displayed for each user by providing only the information needed for his job, his own profile. The user experience with EvolynxNG is also supposed to be in line with next generation web browsing practices. Its use is completely intuitive, which facilitates user buy-in to the solution.

As usual, our clients have been at the heart of our approach. The Members of the Evolynx Users Club were given the opportunity to discover the interface first and to give their feedback. Our client Grand Besançon Métropole (Greater Besançon Municipality), which is a member of the Evolynx Users Club, was a beta tester of the solution. Feedback meetings were organised regularly and we took on board the comments so that our solution could meet expectations as closely as possible.

So, are you ready for EvolynxNG? ”

3 questions to the user experience designer of EvolynxNG


“Based on an analysis of the existing application, the idea was to review the user flow when performing the different tasks. The aim was to simplify the user experience when performing an action.

In terms of design, the new interface is more modern, less cluttered and more intuitive. ”

“I adopted a user-centred approach.

My main aim was user-friendliness. That is why I have made it clearer, I have proposed a several column display, pastel colours, which “makes you feel good”... More generally speaking, I have applied the principles of atomic design. I have designed various modules, which are easy to use and provide not only a flexible structure but allow for improved maintenance of the application. ”

“I simplified certain procedures, which were reduced from 3-5 pages to 1-2 pages. For ease of understanding, I worked on the designs and highlighting so that the icons and colours allow for a fully intuitive browser experience. We also optimised loading times. ”

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Feedback from the beta test of EvolynxNG by Grand Besançon Métropole, an Evolynx client

“Evolynx is currently deployed at around thirty sites located in Besançon (50 ITL / 230 UED / 350 accesses), including administrative buildings, museums, theatres and concert halls, gyms, schools and technical sites. Several interfaces have been implemented with third-party systems, such as Human Resources management software, key cabinets (buildings, vehicles, bicycles, etc.), print resources, sports facility and equipment booking software, petrol stations…and also with an Entelec Skywalker system, used within the PC2S – Central Safety and Security Station.

We started beta testing the EvolynxNG solution at the end of 2019. The technical operations team at the ISD of Grand Besançon Métropole has seen the added value of the new interface in terms of user-friendliness and fluidity.

Within the framework of our testing, we made several requests for adjustments and improvements in respect of our uses of the solution. These relate mainly to the advanced search filter functions as well as the display and treatment of events and alarm histories.

After analysis, some of these points were taken into account by the Evolynx R&D team, which integrated them into its new versions development plan. We appreciated the quality of the listening and flexibility of the R&D team, as well as the possibility of co-creation with SECURE. ” 

Grand Besançon Métropole

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