EvolynxNGKey Management


EvolynxNG Key Management manages keys using TRAKA key cabinets or key sets.

It is possible to have more than one key cabinet on the same site. To access keys, the user must scan his badge on a badge reader integrated into the cabinet. Users are identified by the reader: the system checks their rights and whether they can then recover or put back a key or not.

It is important to note that key cabinet management is an independent sub-system. It uses its own dedicated database and a TRAKA32 configuration application. In order to connect this system to the central system, an ODBC interface is created. This allows for key cabinets to be defined in the central system.

From the monitor, the user can assign access rights, look up information on keys taken and returned (who has the key and for what time period) or prevent certain access points from being crossed (leaving a zone, leaving the site for instance) for users who have not handed back their key.

Traka Grand format
Armoire à clefs

Our system has 3 types of modular key cabinet:

  • TRAKA sub-compact cabinet:
    • Contains between 10 and 30 keys or key sets.
    • 756 mm L x 290 mm H x 159 mm D.
  • TRAKA standard cabinet:
    • Contains between 10 and 1200 keys or key sets.
    • Can be extended up to 1200 sets of keys.
    • 740mm L X 650mm H X 158mm D.
  • TRAKA full-size format cabinet:
    • Contains between 10 and 180 keys or key sets, or 360 with HD high density racks.
    • Can be extended up to 1200 sets of keys.
    • 815mm L X 190mm H X 165mm D.

Cabinets are made of powder-coated steel. As standard, the door is made of transparent polycarbonate. A solid metal door is available. Keys are held in electronic key holders or in individually locked I-Keys.

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