EvolynxNG controls and logs state changes for all detectors, and processes and formats data for it to then be processed immediately or at a later date.

The intrusion sub-system is closely linked to the access control system, particularly for defining and controlling zones. A zone can be defined as a collection of controlled access points. Each zone can contain a certain number of intrusion detectors.

Under the control of the security manager, system parameters can be set to easily set-up, modify and delete the various detectors in the system. The status of a zone can be checked at any time. In addition the system manages alarms and local faults coming from detectors and their immediate environment.

The system has all of the known functions of a good intrusion detection system such as putting zones into and out of service, postponing activation of a zone, monitoring entrances and so forth.

logo evolynxNG software intrusion

The main functions of the Intrusion sub-system enable the following:

  • Detection:
    • Acquisition of alarms, faults, technical points in 2, 4 or 6 states.
    • Integration of equipment into the Modbus TCP / RS protocol, interface with a Honeywell intrusion system via the SIA-IP protocol
    • Anti-bounce filtering and neutralisation of to-and-fro movements.
  • Informs you automatically using simple and rational operational tools:
    • Filter visible data by operator profile
    • Dynamic alarm toolbar with instructions and log.
    • Dynamic hierarchical control displays with zoom function
    • History, statistics
    • Remote transmission of the selected alarms to remote monitoring person, sending email
  • Automatic Processing:
    • Automatic controls with Boolean equations between different entities and between functions
    • Surveillance activation/deactivation during defined time windows with time-based advance notice
    • Automatic or manual black lists by person and company.
  • Acting Manually:
    • Operator controls on the control displays, a menu or shortcuts
    • Monitoring switched on or off by authorised users on dedicated or general equipment.
    • View of the list of alarms on mobile Android application.