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Integrated Security Solutions

SECURE Systems & Services communicates with all subsequent subsystems of an electronic security solution.

  • Access control – card, key or biometric : all authentication means are associated with a HR database, ensuring access limitation to certain zones.
  • Visitor management – welcome terminal or dedicated station : visitors are equally authenticated, with precise access rules, adapted rights, and their presence made known.
  • Anti-intrusion – detects intrusion in a zone or perimeter and alerts or signals the presence of an intruder.
  • Perimeter protection – derivative of the anti-intrusion, this system uses technologies adapted to the outdoors with distance restrictions.
  • Long distance coverage – detects and tracks approaching vehicles, persons, boats in a protected zone.
  • Video surveillance – offers a qualitative approach to the entirety of the other systems, combined with a recording system, you can replay pervious situations.
  • Information transmission networks – secured, dedicated, wired or radio waves, this infrastructure is the heart of the system because it contains the entirety of the security information.
  • Physical access control parts – locks, badge readers, barriers, road blocks, turnstiles, fences…
  • Hypervision – a genuine control tower, this tool allows you to pilot all systems via a single interface.

The entirety of these solutions can be unified to an intuitive usage, limiting the number of participants. This ensures the traceability of the entirety of the events and actions, and in doing so facilitates monitoring and protection analysis.