uHost is a security soft Secure intended for sites that need to streamline visitor access, while strengthening security. It can be a complement to the Visitor Management functions native to Evolynx and uDemand, or it can interface with any third-party system.

uHost is a reception kiosk that provides 3 main benefits: modularity, scalability, and the ability to customize.



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The uHost terminal allows:

  • To offer different methods of identifying a visitor: by entering an identifier, reading a QR code identifier, an identity document, an RFID tag, etc.
  • The entry of additional information by the visitor, if necessary
  • Acceptance of security instructions or the provision of information for the visitor, for example in the context of a one-off event
  • The transmission of information to the visited: via the sending of an email or an SMS indicating the arrival at the reception of his visitor
  • The provision of an element for the visitor: which can be, depending on the level of security desired, an active badge, a label concerning the information of the visit, a code to be entered on an access keypad, information to withdraw his badge at reception …

The uHost terminal can be equipped with all or some of the peripherals necessary for its use, for example:

– Identification devices: badge readers, QRCode, Bluetooth, MRZ scanner of identity documents, …

– Badge printers, paper labels, self-adhesive labels, etc.

– Audio / video communication device: webcam, microphone speakers, intercom, videophone, etc.

– Physical personal call button

– Touchscreen

– Several mechanical designs, RAL to choose from, graphic customization.