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MobileAlarm is an alarm display application that can be used directly from your Smartphone. This application allows you to consult the list of alarms. Via the notifications mechanism, you receive notification that an alarm has been activated. You can therefore go about your business in the company while being kept informed immediately of any alarm activation.

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MobileReader is an application that enables a security officer to check that a person has a badge and a valid right to be present in a zone. This application, which is downloaded on a mobile ID reader, is used:

  • To enhance the security of a site via unannounced zone-based checks,
  • To monitor an activity when maintenance is being carried out on an existing access point,
  • And to improve the flow of entries on to a site by replacing an existing access point (for example, a bus, where the security officer gets on the bus rather than having all the passengers get off, but still maintains a high level of security).


MobileReader displays the photo of the badge holder that is saved in the database, so that the latter’s face can be authenticated.

This application can operate online (connected to the server) or offline (using a local database of rights holders and traceability of badging).

IT security is not compromised as the data in the terminal is encrypted locally.

Different types of terminals and badge technologies are compatible with this solution. Get in touch with us to find out more about compatibility with our system.

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