EvolynxNG Intercom


EvolynxNG Intercom is an audio/videophone solution based on the equipment (audio communication peripherals – IP-based and/or analogue intercoms and videophones) integrated into EvolynxNG. With the STENTOFON SDK, the intercom/ videophone sub-system is completely integrated into the overall monitoring system and can interact with all sub-systems (access control, videos etc.).

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The following functions are supported by the system:

  • Supervising and controlling calls from the monitoring interface.
    • Processing calls via a virtual intercom.
    • Suspending or stopping a call.
    • Display of video feed associated with an intercom (if the intercom has a camera).
    • Display photo of badge holder at an access point near the person making the call.
    • Opening of nearby access point with traceability of that action.
    • Switch the operator over to another intercom call.
    • Operator controls or performs an action on a second relay output of an intercom: for example to turn the lights on in the call zone.
  • Control state of an intercom call on the control displays
  • Appearance of an event in the toolbar.
  • Traceability of calls in the history.
  • Recording communications on a dedicated server.
  • Advanced public warning and public address functions:
    • Automatic or manual message broadcasting.
    • Broadcasting of pre-recorded or live messages.
    • Announcement on a public address loud speaker or group of loudspeakers (zone). Intercom or videophone panels are included in the loud speakers, which broadcast messages.

The system is configured to enable control by time slots with different links depending on the time slot.

The equipment that supports the sub-system is as follows:

  • IP-based master terminal: desktop terminal with video display specially designed for use in the control room.
  • IP-based videophone panel: uses the very latest technologies to create unparalleled audio quality (with, for example, HD voice quality, active noise removal, class-D, 10W amplifier, etc.)
  • IP-based loudspeakers: include a class-D, 10W amplifier, which delivers sound up to 116dB.
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