With EvolynxNG Exchange, enjoy an open system equipped with standardised interfaces. Very simple user tools allow for personalised exchanges.

Our teams are also here to listen to your personalised interface requests.

These interfaces can interact with our system at different levels, such as databases, the application server, via web services or from our front end via business protocols (ModbusIP, Modbus RTU, Trame TCP, Ascii, OPC DA, etc.)

The interface with your information system can be created in different ways in order to meet your functional and security requirements and obligations. We have implemented various interfaces with HR databases in order to synchronise the access control repository.

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Exchanges can also be made with the IS and reports, lists of daily movements, etc. can be transmitted easily.

Testimony of a client:
“On our site, we have a free office system in place, which can lead to significant variations in the number of persons present from one day to the next. We use the data from the access control system on a daily basis to provide information to our canteen manager so that it can cater for a potential number of meals. This has enabled us to improve our contract with this service provider. On a site accommodating 5000 people, a variation of +/– 10% is significant”.

We also have the experience and tools required to interface with the LDAP/AD databases of our clients in order to synchronise the access control user database.

Our web services allow your IT specialists to develop their own interface that interacts in real time with our system:

  • The interface with your controllers on the ground enables the various points of contact to be centralised within a single system. These exchanges allow for real-time interaction with other technical building monitoring systems, for example.
  • The interface with business sub-systems, such as your key cabinets, your intercom system, your perimeter detection system, your intrusion system, your CTM, your patrol guard, your business detection system, your offline OSS-compatible standalone cylinders … through to your canteen manager.
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