EvolynxNGCar Management


EvolynxNG Car Management offers various integrated car management solutions.

From a simple UHF reader to a plate recognition camera to a “booster” reader fitted in the vehicle, our system can offer a solution that is tailored to your distance, flow and security requirements.

EvolynxNG Car Management can define vehicles (registration plate, make, model, colour, etc., additional information) and link them with people. The persons are granted rights, which they make use of via their vehicles.

It is also possible to manage fleet or company vehicle.

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A specific function generates vehicle passes and records traffic violations committed by these vehicles at your sites, which allows you, among other things, to track vehicle clearances on your site.

Double-checks can also be made: vehicle registration plate + badge linked with the person in order to enhance security at your site.

Vehicle management also allows for car park management. This can be simple or advanced management, with car parking bookings by category of person, counting of free spaces, alarm display when the car park is full, etc.

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