EvolynxNG offers extensive functionality suited to a wide variety of sites, special situations, staff arrangements and their changes.

  • It is possible to anticipate and easily adapt to all changes through automatic access rights changes (authorisation/exclusion) based on
    • Pre-planned events,
    • Automatic controls,
    • Personnel clearances,
    • Job changes,
    • The blocking of badges that have not been used for a pre-defined number of months.
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  • You also retain management of access rights:
    • Operator controls from the control displays, a menu or shortcuts to move to one of the 9 emergency modes, a door opening, etc.
    • Choice of geographical scope for all actions
    • Individual or group change to the persons selected in a multi-criteria search
    • Advance view of the list of persons whose clearances are going to expire
    • Assignment of access rights to a user by copying another user’s rights
    • Information and statistics to help you.
  • You manage the access rights (or exclusions) based on multiple criteria:
    • The person’s period of validity
    • Access rights models that each have a validity period
    • Customised models that each have a validity period
    • Automatic assignment of a minimum access right by default according to pre-defined rules based on data that can be automatically imported (from the HR database) or manually imported
    • Limiting entry fraud: geographical, time anti-passback, etc.
    • The notions of clearance and authorisation, which can control access rights
    • 96 time slots, 2,000 time units per territory, 4 types of special days
    • Specific operating situations
    • Anti-passback clearances by person
    • “Double badging” function on one or more access readers
    • Project rights, which allow for changes to the access rights of persons based on the pre-planned projects.
  • You have precise information about the persons that is tailored to your requirements:
    • The personal record form can be configured by user profile
    • Over 70 fields for managing personal information are available
    • It is possible to define compulsory fields, visible fields or fields that can be changed based on the profile
    • Management of the personal data history gives you information about changes of company, clearances, departments, etc.

With EvolynxNG, you have a large number of simple and rational operating tools allowing for tight administration:

  • Counting and list of persons in a zone and management of the evacuation zones for SEVESO site, location of persons, graph of persons by time and zone
  • Real-time analysis: with the movement bar, the “monitored” movements bar
  • Delayed time analysis, including a criteria-based search in the movements history for any type of identifier
  • Multi-site management: where applicable, to allow for management of several “regions”, a single site, one part of a site, by potentially partitioning rights, users, etc.
  • PhotoAccess or ValidAccess, displaying a photo in relation to a specific access in order for the operator to be able to make a visual check.

EvolynxNG is a multi-technology and multi-identifier system:

  • Badge reader: 125khz, Mifare, Desfire EV1, Legic Prime & Advant
  • Keypads
  • Digital and vascular biometrics, face recognition
  • Mobile readers
  • Registration plates
  • Key cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Standalone cylinders and lockers
  • Lifts, etc.


EvolynxNG is compatible with standalone locks of the Apério Assa Abloy and Uhlmann & Zacher (UZ) brands, in online mode. The hubs are connected to our ITLs in a 485 bus and can be defined in our solution as a reader / normal access.

EvolynxNG is compatible with OSS Standard Offline. This means that it can interface with any standalone lock solutions compatible with this standard. We have an updater wall reader that allows for the updating of rights.

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