With EvolynxNG, opt for a centralized solution allowing unified management of your security.

EvolynxNG allows  the integration of security applications and devices – access control, visitor management, vehicle management, intrusion detection, video protection, audio and communication, etc. – by making global management possible through a complete and unified user interface.

EvolynxNG is thus a powerful decision-support tool responding to the management of critical or emergency situations thanks to interoperability of different applications, safety equipment, and third-party systems.

The system is fully customizable and very rich in functionality.



Secure Systems - Qualification ANSSI

EvolynxNG, EvolynxNG, as a New Generation of Evolynx, has 3 key features: 

  • Enhanced security in accordance with ANSSI recommendations through the following points:
    • ANSSI level 1 architectures (transparent reader) with extractable SAM (Secure Access Module)
    • Integrated badge mapping creation tools allowing control of keys and encryption key versions of your badges
    • Encryption of all communications
    • Nextgeneration electronic card integrating encryption modules
    • Hashing of data in the memory
    • Filtering of visible data field by field in the user sheet. 

To better understand all the added value of EvolynxNG in terms of security, watch the video capsule!

ecrans-responsive-design-evolyng-ng (003)
  • Optimised user-friendliness for easier operation:
    • The EvolynxNG interface, in full HTML5, was developed via UX Design in conjunction with users and designed for their ease of use
    • Browsing is intuitive with simple steps and personalised display of data by user profile.
  •  A brand new integrated control display editor.

You want to know more about the benefits of ‘EvolynxNG in terms of ergonomics, watch the video capsule on this topic!

A summary of the added value of EvolynxNG for your structure? Discover our 3rd EvolynxNG video capsule!