Our expertise


Integrated Security Solutions

SECURE Systems & Services communicates with all subsequent subsystems of an electronic security solution.

The entirety of these solutions can be unified to an intuitive usage, limiting the number of participants. This ensures the traceability of the entirety of the events and actions, and in doing so facilitates monitoring and protection analysis.


Decision Support Systems

SECURE Systems & Services implements a security management tool that navigates all electronic security parts.


Information Exchange

The emergence of connected devices, the proliferation of data base protocols, the spread of information systems and the new needs for interoperable solutions widen the sphere of possibilities.

SECURE Systems & Services develops gateways and components authorizing independent parts to interact.


IT Security

SECURE Systems & Service guides you to define and deploy a computer data protection strategy. If the fight against physical threats has become evident, other, less visible threats must also be included in a protection plan.


Central Control Station

SECURE Systems & Services offers and implements complete central control stations (CCS) taking into account ergonomics, work practices, and convenience. This includes the furniture, stations, image walls and crisis management tools.