Systems Integration

In order to meet the demands of major firms, it is sometimes necessary to assimilate technologies from different market designers. These solutions are not necessarily meant to coexist and need integration services to make one product.

SECURE Systems & Services develops, configures and sets up the necessary tools to the desired interactions. This integration covers all levels of the device :

  • the business layer, such as the access control, anti-intrusion and video surveillance
  • the media layer, such as the network
  • the supervision layer.

Our ability to develop software allows us to skillfully intercept integration problems : from functionality translation of client and partner expectations to the implementation of these developments.

We design architectures, construct infrastructures and systems capacities, identify gateways to be created and specific functions to develop. SECURE Systems & Services puts the planned solution to work.

SECURE Systems & Services oversees integration services during each step :

  • design, analysis, infrastructure and systems capacity construction
  • identification of specific needs (gateways that need to be created and specific functions that need to be developed)
  • puts the planned solution to work.