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Datacenter Security


Datacenter Security Implementation of an integrated security system for access control, intrusion, video surveillance, and visitor management Installing systems in a virtualized IT environment Qualification and system integration in the IT environment and customer network Turnkey project Controlled access [...]

Power Grid Interconnection Nodes THT Persian Gulf


Power Grid Interconnection Nodes THT Persian Gulf Turnkey Project Securing 8 power dispatching stations: Design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance Implementation of an integrated system: access control, building intrusion, CCTV and perimeter detection by image analysis on thermal cameras Innovative cross-border long-distance telecommunications network [...]

Photovoltaic Power Station


Photovoltaic Power Station Implementation of an immaterial perimeter protection solution by thermal camera video analysis and eliminating any doubts with dome cameras. Turnkey projects on remote sites, design of low current facilities to save energy Deployment of a wireless communication network and "Mesh" security [...]

Six Compressor Stations


Six Compressor Stations Implementation of an integrated security system for the site: access control, intrusion, video surveillance, visitor management Turnkey projects in isolated industrial sites Compliance of the installation with gas standards (ATEX directive), in Vigipirate, and document management requirements Gaz de France Servo [...]

PC NATO Lille Citadel


PC NATO Lille Citadel Implementation of security systems: access control, visitor management, key panels, intrusion buildings, site perimeter protection, video surveillance, and secure computer network. Road and other networks work and integration of physical barriers (barriers, harrows, turnstiles, PNG...) on a listed historic monument [...]

Military Applications Directorate


Military Applications Directorate Access control and visitor management implementation in a highly sensitive environment Implementation of advanced features for access control: Biometric on centralized database Access attempts under physical constraints Anti-passback and counting presence in area Limited access rights projects Black list management Workflow [...]

TDF Group


TDF Group Implementation of an Access Control System / Intrusion centralized on 1600 isolated sites and difficult to access sites, spread over the French territory Deployment transmission means evolving with the technologies: X.25, ISDN, GSM, 3G... Quasi-industrial project management: tools and methods Turnkey projects: supervision [...]